The attorneys and team members at the Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger Co., LPA have extensive and varied  experience in the broad fields of law, collections and general business. If you would like to engage us in an area  that is not highlighted below, please contact us directly. While we may focus on several distinct areas of the law,  we possess sufficient skills and resources to tackle most any situation in which clients could find themselves. 

To read about the specific areas that we’ve highlighted, please see below.

additional services provided:

– Health Care and Medical debt recovery
– Collateral recovery / Replevins (including foreclosures and auto repossession)
– Tax recovery
– Education Loan recovery
– Call Center collections

– Hourly legal work
– Procedural Consultation and Development (client in-house analysis and recommendations for improvement)
– Transactional legal work
– Litigation

– Utility and Municipal collections
– International Business legal work
– International recovery
– Government recovery
– Banking
– Subrogation

Business & Transactional

We believe the client’s business goals always come first, and legal solutions should be crafted to meet those goals. Our attorneys have significant executive-level experience in entrepreneurship, government, small business and government contracting. We bring diverse legal experience from big firms, small firms, in-house and government positions. Our combined legal and executive experiences make us meaningful contributors and value-added advisors to our clients. In addition to local transactions between neighboring businesses, local government and entrepreneurial start-ups, we have provided legal advice regarding transactions and operations covering large sections of the globe. We offer unique backgrounds, unique experiences and we are uniquely qualified to provide legal advice as you start or grow your business.


Business transactions don’t always go as planned and resorting to the Court system may be the only recourse available to our clients. Our attorneys have been involved in advocating on behalf of our clients throughout the State court systems. We provide effective and efficient case management, and legal support to reach the most practical and just result for our clients. We can accommodate your litigation needs within our tiered contingent process or competitive flat fee, hourly fee or combination billing.

Education Collections

An Educated Approach

“Our approach is unique, effective and sensitive to preserving our clients relationship with their alumni. We encourage potential Higher Ed clients to check our University and College references about our proven results.” “Each Higher Education team member has thorough knowledge and understanding of our unique and very successful collection techniques. All staff participates in on-going training sessions and monthly compliance meetings to keep updated on laws and regulations relating to the collection of Education Debt.” “We leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding your students. Our Firm’s Education Debt Collectors have industry leading skip tracing tools at their disposal.” “Our professional staff averages 10+ years’ experience in College and University collections.”

  • The Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger Co., LPA has assembled a group of professionals who have spent decades in the collection industry collecting on both private, State and Federal educational debt. This team has developed crucial relationships with college clients.
  • The Firm has memberships with several national and local organizations such as ACA, NARCA, Ohio Bursar’s Association, NCHER and follow industry blogs. Staff actively participates in these organizations and attends state and national conferences.
  • We take the best of new and relevant opportunities and integrate them into our operation to ensure we remain at the forefront of accounts receivable management in the field of Higher Education.
  • We are committed to promoting and protecting our client’s reputation for accountability, highly ethical collection practices and customer service. We appreciate the need for tactful handling of alumni communications and strive to uphold the integrity of the school-student relationship.
  • As a direct result of our Firm’s superior performance, we are currently servicing Federal Loans, Institutional Loans and Accounts Receivable accounts for many public and private Colleges and Universities. Because our Firm has demonstrated the ability to achieve exceptional results, we are regularly assigned special Higher Education placement projects including third and fourth placements.
  • The trust that is repeatedly placed on us by our clients is built on the Firm’s significant investment in hiring, training, staff development, protection of data and privacy safeguards.

“…Schuerger’s staff…has the capability to locate students that other agencies have been unable to find. They go far beyond, more than any other agency has done, to collect my accounts.”
Small Private University

“…law office also has a good record of collecting our second placement accounts, succeeding where other agencies or special counsels have failed.”
– Large Public University

“…we receive many positive comments from our defaulted students regarding the assistance they have received from his staff.”
– Large Public College

Government Collections

  • With state and federal budgets under pressure, shortfalls are a constant source of pain for officials and citizens alike, one that collection of delinquent debts can help relieve.
  • Collecting from constituents—even the ones who haven’t paid their taxes— can be complex.
  • Minimize legal complications and PR distractions by selecting the right collections professional that uses a delicate but firm touch.
  • While innovations such as coordinated data mining and implementation of involuntary collection actions can certainly increase revenue, invasive or overzealous tactics carry significant risk of backlash—especially if found to be unlawful.
  • Schuerger Law understands how to work within existing consumer protection statutes and we follow a strict code of ethical conduct. We have established multi-layer safeguards and perform daily monitoring of calls and computer usage to ensure staff compliance.
  • Schuerger Law is under final review to become a qualified HubZone contractor.
  • Let our highly experienced and trained team apply our efforts and investments in advanced technology to recover outstanding receivables and improve your organization’s bottom line.

“The Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger Co., LPA is by far the best collection firm that I have worked with. Their staff is customer-service oriented and they understand the sensitivities of collecting public debt from taxpayers.”
Small Municipality

“The skip tracing tools that are used makes the Schuerger law firm one of the best at finding fresh information and most successful contacting people.”
– Small Municipality

“Schuerger’s audit of our data and accounts receivable was invaluable in developing a forward looking budget and accurately calculating a rate of return on those collections.”
– Small Municipality

Medical Collections

Early Out Program

Physician and hospital debt that is less than 90 days outstanding requires different collection tactics. We have the ability to score accounts to help determine those accounts with the higher propensity for payment. We can identify those eligible for financial assistance and then guide them to applications for the aid. Our Firm has invested in an advanced dialer system that effectively and efficiently connects collection staff with your patients to establish a plan for payment. We offer your patients payment reminders, easy access to several ways to pay and a sensitivity to the financial burdens that can come with medical care.

  • Focused on better outcomes. At Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger Co., LPA, we understand the complex challenges medical collections present for healthcare providers.  At a time when reduced reimbursements and increased liability affect bottom line performance and their ability to invest in the most current technology, healthcare facilities have to be more diligent than ever about collecting from slow-paying patients. On the payer side, opaque bureaucracies and disputes around issues such as pre-certifications and covered procedures further compromise and impede the flow of revenue from insurance providers.
  • Cooperation, not coercion.  With Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger Co., LPA, our medical clients have a partner who understands their business issues, the most important of which is protecting their reputation in the marketplace.
  • In an environment where the rising cost of healthcare is under intense scrutiny, providers cannot afford to be seen as unsympathetic to the financial burdens a long illness or serious injury can place on patients and their families.
  • We work with individuals to develop a repayment schedule for their portion of the unresolved claim that’s fair and convenient. We can process payments through our site (active link).
  • To prevent claims from getting mired in process delays, we communicate at the supervisor level to ensure the claims of our clients are designated as priority action cases and move quickly from intake stage to payment processing.

Financial & Banking Services
Commercial and Consumer

A Compliance and Performance Driven Approach

Our approach in partnering with our Consumer Finance Clients is recognition of real time emerging industry compliance changes and is rivaled only by the need to produce BIC (Best in Class) results.

Whether you are an existing partner, or looking to add a reliable vendor, you can be confident that our Security and Compliance processes are above reproach and our production results will raise the bar.

We offer a variety of “full suite” services that are overseen by a variety of the industry’s SME (Subject Matter Experts) and have contributed to our substantial growth.

For future or potential partners, we offer and introductory guaranteed BIC performance – ask us how!

  • Services
    • Legal
    • Pre-Legal
    • Traditional First and Third party collection service providers
  • Experience
    • Our team has an average of 12 years of industry experience per person
    • We service all Banking and Financial Services products (Mortgage, Retail Lines and Loans, Credit Card, Revolving, DDA, etc.)
    • We have been providing excellent recovery services since 2009
  • Compliance
    • The Firm has memberships with several national and local organizations such as ACA, NARCA, Ohio Bursar’s Association, NCHER and follow industry blogs. Staff actively participates in these organizations and attends state and national conferences.
    • Our Internal Compliance Review process has been tested and endorsed/modeled after the ACA recommended structures.
    • The trust that is repeatedly placed on us by our clients is built on the Firm’s significant investment in hiring, training, staff development, protection of data and privacy & compliance safeguards.
  • Performance
    • We believe that true performance is measured in Opportunity Cost for each Account Receivable dollar placed.
    • In addition to providing positive opportunity cost, we study custom-made partner scorecards to ensure we deliver to your expectations.
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